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Pokémon Center Tokyo


 In 1996, the games Pocket Monster Red and Pocket Monster Green were introduced for Nintendo’s Game Boy portable video game system. This was the beginning of the Pocket Monster (Pokémon) line.

This game, which described the adventures of the Pokémon creatures in their fantasy world, grabbed the hearts of children in a flash. The Pokémon themselves are very famous even now and are known by young and old alike. Starting with the games, there are also cartoons, movies, and toys, all of which are very popular.



At present, there are over 490 different types of Pokémon, each with its own personality, but perhaps the most recognizable is Pikachu, the Pokémon who travels with the hero of the cartoon. Almost everyone has seen Pikachu before.

At Tokyo Pokémon Center, they have many goods related to the popular Pokémon line.

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