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Sushi Balls

Another Temari-Zushi Recipe

Temari-zushi with canned tuna and cucumber

sushi rice (about 50 grams)
canned tuna 1 tablespoon

two small shape cutters of your choice

  1. Shape the sushi rice into a ball using plastic wrap, then remove it from the wrap.
  2. photoSpread out a length of plastic wrap. Squeeze the liquid from the tuna and place a small amount on the wrap.
  3. photo Place the rice in the center of the wrap and adjust its shape by squeezing it into a ball with the wrap.
  4. photoCut out the cucumber and ham into shapes of your choice using shape cutters.
  5. photo Line the cucumber shapes over the tuna. If the cucumbers do not stick very well, wrap the rice ball and press them into place.
  6. Place the ham on the rice ball so that it is at the center of the design.