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Sushi Balls

Kinds of Sushi


Futomaki: This type of sushi is pleasing to the eye, with an appearance like a small Swiss roll. It's made of a healthy combination of ingredients, such as sweet egg omelet, koya dofu (freeze-dried tofu), kanpyo (dried gourd shavings), shiitake mushrooms, conger eel, and cucumber.


Photo: Matsuo Yukiko

Hana-zushi: Hana-zushi (meaning "flower sushi") is a kind of futomaki with roots in Chiba Prefecture. The fillings of these sushi rolls are arranged so that flower patterns appear at the end of each roll when it is cut, and these colorful designs make hana-zushi a popular food at festivals and community events. It's not just flowers that can be "drawn" in the sushi. There are said to be over 100 hana-zushi designs, including animals and letters.


Inari: Inari is rice wrapped in abura-age (deep-fried sliced tofu), that has been simmered in a sweet soup of soy sauce and sugar. It's a popular takeout food.

Oshi-zushi: Oshi-zushi is rice and toppings pressed together in a mold. See the oshi-zushi page to learn more.

Chirashi-zushi: Chirashi-zushi is made by mixing or topping rice with ingredients like seafood and cooked vegetables. It's often made at home at times of festivity. See the chirashi-zushi page to learn more.