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Household Beauty Appliances

Want to Look Beautiful No Matter How Old You Are and Wherever You Are?


The “Memoto Este” moisturizes and refreshes the eyes using steam. Choose from 2 heat settings, 38oC or 40oC. (Photo courtesy of Panasonic.)

“We want to look beautiful, no matter how old we are!” – Japanese manufacturers of household appliances are bringing out handy electronic beauty products one after another to keep up with this kind of yearning from women. Lots of different products are coming out to allow us to meticulously groom the whole body; including, naturally, skin-moisturizing products, as well as those for the eyes, mouth and scalp. An increase in unisex products to appeal to men has created a new boom.

Ions & a Weak Electrical Current, and Thermal Sensations too

One of women's top concerns is to keep their skin firm and moisturized in the dry air of winter. The Plasma Cluster Ion Generator is a mobile device that is enjoying much interest among such women. It is small sized, just 6 cm high, and has become a hot topic as it is shown to be convenient and can be used anytime, anywhere by clipping it to your chest; whether you are in the office, or out and about.



Left: The "Plasma Cluster Charm" is small at only 6cm in height. It is a portable ion generator that releases 100,000 ions per cm3 around the area of the eyes. © SHARP
Right: The "Plasma Cluster Dryer" with a built-in ion generator is reputed to be extremely effective in keeping static electricity down. © SHARP

The proprietary plasma cluster technology developed by a Japanese manufacturer has mainly been used in air conditioning and air purifiers etc., due to its sterilizing and deodorizing effects. It has been proven that the fine ions link with water molecules in the air to moistly coat the skin's surface, and one product after another is incorporating this technology. It is not only used in skin care, but also in hair dryers, where it dampens the hair and so keeps down the generation of static electricity, which is reputed to lessen damage.

Then there is the Este Roller which was created in light of the demand for professional esthetician techniques that could be easily practiced at home. By simply gliding the roller over the skin, the skin is said to regain its luster and firmness. The platinum-coated two-pronged round shaped roller rubs and pinches the skin. At the same time a small solar panel activates a weak electric current that stimulates the skin.



Left: The Este Roller “ReFa CARAT”gives you beautiful skin. A very weak electrical current is emitted from the surface of the roller to tone the facial skin and muscles.
Right: The "Facial and Body Warming Roller." A heater is installed in this beauty device, making it feel like warm hands as it rolls over your face etc. (Photo courtesy of Panasonic)

This fall, leading consumer electronics manufacturers also released a type of Este Roller that can thermally heat while toning the skin. This type features heaters, which are installed inside the oval-shaped rollers allowing gentle skin care that feels like warm hands. The temperature can be switched to either 44oC or 48oC in line with your mood and physical condition.

A Sudden Surge in Male Users

There is also a lot of interest in esthetical devices for the eyes. These are aimed at office workers suffering from dry eyes caused by over-use of computers and smartphones, like the eyes mask developed by one such manufacturer. As well as moisturizing by generating steam inside the eye mask, the product itself vibrates gently and so soothes the eyes. There has been a sudden surge in the number of men purchasing the product, as you can refresh your eyes in just a short break between works.

Then there are waterproof, scalp cleaning brushes, popular with men in their 30's and older, which give you a ‘head spa’ while shampooing your hair in the bathroom.



Left: The "Momidasshu RE" is a brush for cleaning the scalp. The brush head can be replaced with one that feels like human finger pads for use in the care of your scalp. © TWINBIRD Corporation
Right: The “Scalp Este” is a scalp care brush that features 4 brush components that move independently of one another. (Photo courtesy of Panasonic)

Some models mimic the washing movements of bare hands; but the ends of the fine brushes wash meticulously right down to the pores of the scalp, which are difficult for human fingertips to reach. A feature of such models is that the brush heads can be replaced for heads that more closely resemble the shape of human finger pads, for scalp care that allows you to work in styling lotions and hair tonics.

In addition, there is another manufacturer who has brought out a model with 4 brushes that rotate independently of one another; and a model that features "Sonic Vibration (vibration within a sonic region)" which deftly removes oil and dirt from the scalp with extra-fine brushes spaced at intervals of around 2.7 millimeters that rotate backwards and forwards at 9,000 rpm.

Convenient to Carry Around



Left: The "Pocket Doltz" is a small toothbrush that uses sonic vibrations. It is popular among women, as it is battery operated and easy to carry around, as well as being decorated with a touch of class. (Photo courtesy of Panasonic)
Right: "Mediclean" is a portable, sonic electric toothbrush that can remove plaque, vibrating at top speeds of 25,500 rpm. © OMRON HEALTHCARE Co.,Ltd.

Small, electric toothbrushes are experiencing a new boom; these have been developed for women who are in the habit of cleaning their teeth after lunch. The boom has been sparked by pocket-type brushes around 15cm long that women can carry in their bags. These feature beautiful designs that look just like a cosmetics containers, and also high performance that removes plaque from every nook and cranny using 16,000 rpm ultrasonic vibrations. They come in a great range of colors such as pink etc., and have been a hit with sales of 1 million in the 6 months since they were launched.

In addition, there is a manufacturer who claims that their product, which is the same type that uses sonic vibration, is extremely effective at removing plaque with 33,000 rpm ultra-high speed micro-vibrations. There is also a portable brush that can be charged by connecting it to a PC using a USB cable, and its appeal is the high speed at which it vibrates; namely, 25,500 rpm.

It seems that there is a stream of innovative ideas coming out, for new products that fulfill our desire to be beautiful and clean anytime, anyplace.

(December 2013)

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