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Three-Piece Story / Takeuchi Makoto

Welcome to "Tokyo Tales," a new section of Trends in Japan featuring works of fiction by leading young Japanese novelists. The first tale, Three-Piece Story, will be serialized weekly from October to December 2007.

This is a story about mystery solving and cultural cross-pollination, as played out on a chessboard—or a shogi board or a xiangqi board. Three people, one from China, one from the United States, and one from Japan, come together in the borderless realm of the Internet and discover a common affinity as each, despite occasional clashes, takes an interest in the others’ worlds. Eventually they agree to meet face to face in a fourth country, where what was hidden is revealed, and the power of imagination blows away the feeling of being trapped in reality.

Episode 1
After asking for water only to have a gun pointed at him, why does the customer say thank you and leave?
Episode 2
What path should I follow in a world like this?
Episode 3
Why does the foreign visitor to Japan throw a 100-yen coin into the pond?
Episode 4
Has that foreign visitor ever seen a fish before?
Episode 5
When someone from the land of shogi and someone from the land of xiangqi meet on the chessboard, who wins?
Episode 6
What’s life like after college?
Episode 7
What’s the best country for three people of different nationalities to meet in?
Episode 8
How do you get to an imaginary island?
Episode 9
Why do visitors to Australia get their directions wrong?
Episode 10
Where did that story about the counterfeiter’s picture ending up on the bills come from?
Episode 11
Why was she staring at me?
Episode 12
Why do three people in three different cities get together to play chess?
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