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Welcome to Tokyo Tales. Our second tale, by the rising young writer Shokichi, will appear in installments over a two-month period, from January through February. We hope you enjoy it.
Super Figure Kanako / ShokichiIllustrations (C) Tamaoki Benkyo
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Nakano Broadway: a shopping mall stocked with a vast array of capsule figures and anime-related merchandise, and a regular destination for capsule-figure enthusiast Tomoya. One day a figure named Kanako suddenly appears, and, speaking like a veritable human being, demands that he find her right arm. They find themselves at odds, but amid the squabbling a much deeper sort of interaction emerges. Will Kanako's arm ever be found? What does fate hold in store for these two?

Three-Piece Story / Takeuchi Makoto
This is a story about mystery solving and cultural cross-pollination, as played out on a chessboard—or a shogi board or a xiangqi board. Three people, one from China, one from the United States, and one from Japan, come together in the borderless realm of the Internet and discover a common affinity as each, despite occasional clashes, takes an interest in the others’ worlds. Eventually they agree to meet face to face in a fourth country, where what was hidden is revealed, and the power of imagination blows away the feeling of being trapped in reality.