NIPPONIA No. 45 June 15, 2008


Japan Travelogue



Slip Back to a Time When Gold and Culture Were One

Written by Sanada Kuniko   Photos by Sugawara Chiyoshi


Today, the Konjiki-do Hall is protected by this reinforced concrete structure. The interior is kept at a stable temperature and humidity.

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Left: A statue of the famous poet Matsuo Basho stands beside the old Konjiki-do Hall protective structure. By the time Basho visited here in the 1600s, much of the temple had vanished. After observing how the hall still kept its ancient appearance, he wrote this haiku: Samidare no / furi nokoshite ya / hikari dou. (The long rainy days / have not dimmed the glitter of / this great hall of light.)
Right: The pathway on Tsukimi-zaka slope takes you to Chuson-ji Temple, where the golden Konjiki-do Hall is located.