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Virtual Paper Sumo

How to Play

Select a wrestler and click PLAY. The game will begin. Move the wrestler by clicking STRONG, WEAK, and TECHNIQUE.

What is Kamizumo?

When sumo became popular in the Edo period, people began to play a number of related games. One of these is "paper sumo," in which the participants try to topple their opponent's "wrestler."

Paper figures of sumo wrestlers are placed standing facing each other in a ring made of wood or thick paper. Players make the paper wrestlers move by tapping lightly on the outside of the ring, and they win by forcing their opponent's wrestler down to the ground or out of the ring, just like in real sumo. Players make rules regarding legal moves and try to make their paper wrestlers hard to topple. By putting sandpaper on top of the ring, the paper wrestlers' movements become more precise and lifelike.

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