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Kendo Equipment

When practicing kendo, contestants wear a kendo jacket and skirtlike trousers, both made of cotton and dyed indigo blue. Above these clothes, they wear armor for the face, chest, hands and forearms, and thighs to protect against attacks by their opponent.

The face mask protects the head and shoulders. Metal bars protect the face, and the part covering the shoulders is made of several layers of woven silk. The chest protector is made of finely cut bamboo or plastic arranged vertically. The mittens to protect the hands and forearms and the hip and thigh protectors are made of thickly layered cotton cloth.

  • face mask

  • chest protector

The clothing and protective equipment are donned in the following order: first the jacket, then the loose trousers, the thigh and hip protector, the chest protector, the head and shoulder protector, and finally the mittens.

  • mittens

  • hip and thigh protector

Photos (from top): A kendo sword is made of bamboo. The length and weight are different depending on the age of the kendoist; the equipment required for kendo; the face mask is important for protecting the athlete's head; the chest protector is made of bamboo; the mittens protect the athlete's arms; the hip and thigh protector has the athlete's name on it.