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Porcelain Versus Earthenware


Porcelain (Kutani Ware) (Terai Town Kutani Ware Museum)


Kutani ware is made in Ishikawa Prefecture, in and around the city of Kanazawa and the town of Terai. (Terai Town Kutani Ware Museum)

Do you know what the difference is between earthenware and porcelain? Both are made of natural materials taken from the earth, but the material for porcelain is a kind of stone known as porcelain stone, whereas earthenware is made from clay. Furthermore, porcelain is fired at a higher temperature than earthenware. Porcelain is white, is resistant to water, and produces a clear, metallic sound when struck, but earthenware absorbs water and makes a dull sound. Arita ware is porcelain, being made out of porcelain stone quarried from Izumiyama in Arita. With a history of 400 years, it's said to be the oldest porcelain in Japan.


Earthenware (Agano Ware) (Fukuoka Prefectural Government Tokyo Office)