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Sakura & Ichiro

June: Class Trip

Hashimoto Miki

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An ensoku is an all-day excursion away from school. Students bring packed lunches and snacks and visit someplace fun. Parks, zoos, and beaches are all popular destinations. Ensoku is one of the most exciting school events for kids, because for one whole day they don't have to spend any time inside the classroom. They get to chat away with their friends, play outside, visit different places, and just have fun. It's also a great chance to get to know their classmates better.


The flowers that appear in this manga are ajisai, or hydrangeas, and they can be seen all over Japan during the rainy season in June. Hydrangeas come in clusters and change color as they grow. One place where lots of hydrangeas bloom is Meigetsu-in, a Buddhist temple in Kamakura. There are some 2,000 hydrangea bushes around the temple, which is located about one hour southwest of Tokyo. Because the hydrangea-covered temple grounds are so beautiful, Meigetsu-in is sometimes referred to as the "ajisai temple." The chance to enjoy these beautiful flowers is one of the bright spots in the often wet and gloomy days of the rainy season.