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Suica and ICOCA

Meet the Mascots!


ICOCA for kids A commemorative card with both characters on (top) and an ICOCA for kids (bottom) (West Japan Railway Company)

The Suica mascot character is an adorable penguin designed by illustrator Sakazaki Chiharu. The ICOCA mascot character, meanwhile, is a platypus named Ico.

An ICOCA for kids was introduced in August 2004 (though unfortunately there is no Suica for children). Once they go through the proper procedures to obtain a kids' ICOCA, children up to 12 years old can ride at half the adult fare. Also, elementary school students who commute to school on the train can use the ICOCA commuter pass for kids. Icota and Icomi the platypuses are the mascot characters for the kids' ICOCA.