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Would You Believe that Paper Can Talk?

A Japanese company has come up with an amazing new invention


Paper is something that you read from, right? Or that you write on. Or draw on. But what if paper could talk? That's a question that one day a Japanese company, Toppan Forms Co., Ltd., asked itself. And the result is an amazing new invention: talking paper! It's called Kamireko (‘Paper Recorder’).

The paper measures 10 x 14.8 cm and weighs approximately 16 grams.
One set consists of a card with a built-in recording device, three ink-jet photo labels, an envelope, and an instruction manual.
It sells for ¥1,260 (about US$14.00), including tax.

Now you can record on paper, and play it back!


A Kamireko is a postcard-size card with a player-recorder and super-thin battery built in. Of course, there are already a number of sound-emitting gift cards available in stores, but they are all quite thick, with bulges on the surface where the sound device and battery are installed. A Kamireko is different. It has an extremely thin, completely uniform thickness of just 2 mm, even with the recorder and battery installed; it looks exactly like an ordinary card!

But it's not an ordinary card. A Kamireko is a card that you can record on, and play back—again and again. Both the recording and playback functions are very easy to operate, with control buttons. Also you can print messages on the labels that come with the set, with an ink-jet printer. Or you can write messages and draw pictures on the card with a pen. If you print a photo on the card, it becomes a 'talking photo!' And you can mail a Kamireko too, either as a letter or postcard.

Records for about 20 seconds.

Plays back some 300 to 400 times.

Surprise your friends with a talking letter

With Kamireko, you can send friends a letter that communicates your message in sound as well as writing. Think of their delight when they open your card and hear your voice cry, "Happy birthday!" Or you could send them music played on a piano or some other musical instrument. You could even send them the voice of your dog or cat! Anything recordable can be sent as a message on 'talking paper.' This is a new kind of communication tool. Just imagine how you might use it!

Other members of the ‘talking paper’ family (Kamireko series)


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(Updated in November 2009)