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Folk Legends

Nezumi no Yomeiri (The Mouse's Marriage)

Nezumi no Yomeiri

Once upon a time, there lived a wealthy mouse family. Their only daughter was a good-natured young mouse, and Father Mouse and Mother Mouse were very proud of her.

One day Father Mouse said to Mother Mouse, "Wouldn't we want our daughter to marry the best person in the world? Who could be the greatest in all the world?" Mother Mouse replied, "It must be Mr. Sun. He lights up the whole world from high up in the sky."

So Father Mouse and Mother Mouse visited Mr. Sun and said, "Mr. Sun, Mr. Sun, we beg you. You are the greatest person in the world. Will you marry our precious daughter? Our only daughter is most good-natured, and we want her to wed the very best groom."

But Mr. Sun answered, "Hmm. The greatest person in the world is surely not myself but Mr. Cloud. However hard I may try to light up the world, I am easily hidden away when Mr. Cloud comes out."