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Society: Economy

  • What are the main products that Japan exports to the United States?
    Among some of the most heavily exported items to the Unites States are cars, consumer electronics, and video game software.

  • How fast does the Bullet Train go?
    The series 300 Nozomi Shinkansen, or Bullet Train, operated by JR Central can reach 270 kilometers per hour (about 168 miles per hour) and travels from Tokyo to Osaka (553 kilometers, or 344 miles) in two and a half hours. The series 500 operated by JR West, meanwhile, can travel at 300 kilometers per hour (186 miles per hour) and connects Tokyo with Hakata (1,175 kilometers, or 730 miles) in four hours and fifty minutes. Find out more about the Shinkansen, at Hi-Tech Japan.

  • Can you tell me about Japanese companies that build robots?
    Japanese companies have long been the leaders in robot technology. Two of the most famous examples of Japanese robots are Aibo, a robot dog made by Sony, and ASIMO, a humanoid robot made by Honda. Find out more about ASIMO by clicking here.

  • What are the main energy sources used in Japan?
    According to 1998 figures for Japan's primary energy supply, 52.4% of energy used in Japan comes from oil, 16.4% from coal, 13.7% from nuclear energy, 12.3% from natural gas, and 3.9% from hydro projects.