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Life: Kids' Life

  • How popular is Pokemon in Japan?
    Check out Pokemon and other links on our What's Cool in Japan section to catch up on the latest trends among Japanese kids.

  • Can you suggest a fun Japanese game?
    Why not try Fuku Warai, which can be found in our Virtual Japanese Culture corner?

  • Does the word 'Godzilla' have any meaning? If so, what is it?
    Godzilla is the name of the giant sea-monster that is the star of a series of hit Japanese sci-fi movies. There are a few different stories as to where the name came from. It seems to have been made by combining two Japanese words - gorira, meaning 'gorilla,' and kujira, meaning 'whale,' to make the Japanese name 'Gojira.' In English, this name is written 'Godzilla.' So, you can see that, at least in name, Godzilla is half-gorilla and half-whale. Some people also say that originally the name was used as a nickname for a large man who worked at the movie studios where the Godzilla movies were made. You can find more information on Godzilla by checking out Hi-Tech Japan.

  • Can you tell me about Japanese companies that build robots?
    Japanese companies have long been the leaders in robot technology. Two of the most famous examples of Japanese robots are Aibo, a robot dog made by Sony, and ASIMO, a humanoid robot made by Honda. Find out more about ASIMO by clicking here.

  • Where can I find a lot of information about teenage life in Japan?
    The Japan Forum's Website has a section called The Way We Are, where you can take a look at many photographs taken by Japanese teenagers and read about life as a Japanese teenager.