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Q. Why do the Japanese like cherry blossoms so much?


In much of Japan, the flowering cherry trees come into full bloom around the beginning of April. April is the month when the new school year starts for Japanese children; it's also the month when companies start their new business years and when many new graduates start to work. So the cherry blossoms make people think of new beginnings. When they are in bloom, people make special visits to parks and other spots with many cherry trees; often they have picnics under the branches with family and friends.

The light-pink petals of cherry blossoms.
The light-pink petals of cherry blossoms.

Japan has more types of cherry trees than any other country, over 200 in all. The blossoms are pickled and used to make a hot drink served on special occasions, and the leaves are pickled and used as the wrapping for sweets.

The sakura start blooming in the south at the end of March and work their way north to Hokkaido in May. This helps people plan their flower-viewing outings. Festivals are also held every year to mark the cherry blossom season in many famous viewing spots.

Photo:Tokyo Metropolitan Government