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'Poppets Town'


Charming and colorful animal characters learn about life as they play

'Poppets Town'

Besides introducing the characters, the picture book is filled with amusing contents, such as hidden mistakes that readers can try to find. It has been named one of the Japan School Library Association's 'Selected Books.' These are books which are certified, based on a set of strict standards, as recommended for purchase by the libraries of Japanese elementary, junior-high and high schools.

Poppets Town is a boisterous place that's as much fun as a toy box. Its residents are a unique collection of animals, including a dog named Blooter, all living together in harmony. They are constantly learning new things while they are playing, participating in sports, or embarking on adventures. They may blunder into problems and predicaments from time to time, but they always cooperate with each other to find a way out.

The Poppets Town story is a very exciting, heart-lifting one. It's a story which makes children watching it feel like they're playing and learning with friends.
And while they're watching they're also learning about many subjects, such as rain, the moon, the tides and other natural phenomena. And they're learning songs, too, and dances, and all kinds of communication skills.

The original Poppets Town has been serialized in Ohisama, a monthly magazine for children, since the spring of 2005. And a picture book was published in the fall of 2009.

'Poppets Town'

In 'Tutti-Flutti,' episode 4 of the series, a chicken named Cocori plans to make a banana smoothie. But someone eats the banana while Cocori is out buying milk, one of the ingredients. What can the Poppets Town residents do now…!? The aim of this episode is to add to the viewers' knowledge of smoothies and fruits.