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Crème Caramel


Japanese kids love purin, a sweet dessert made with milk, eggs, and sugar that is known in English as crème caramel or custard pudding. Each delicious spoonful of the soft pudding brings a smile of joy to children's faces.

Crème caramel can be made at home or purchased in cake shops, convenience stores, supermarkets, and other stores in Japan. It's a very familiar treat for Japanese kids. Even though the same ingredients are used, the taste and texture of the dish can be quite different depending on the recipe. Let's look at two examples of unique crème caramels that are popular among kids who love sweet treats.

Crème Caramel

The first one has a slightly strange name, "golden ratio purin." A dairy products company conducted research on six purin selected from among roughly 1,000 of the most popular types in Japan. They focused their analysis on four key factors: the firmness when you first put the pudding in your mouth, the smoothness on the tongue, the melting sensation in your mouth, and the ratio of egg yolk to fresh cream. They then made a crème caramel using the most delicious combination of these four elements, which they called the "golden ratio." The result was a delicious pudding that slowly melts in the mouth to reveal the rich flavors of milk and eggs. It has been extremely popular since its launch in October 2007.