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Blue Dragon



Have you ever played the video game Blue Dragon? It's an epic fantasy about the battle between light and shadow, and now a TV anime series based on the game is thrilling fans. The series, which debuted in Japan on April 7, 2007, is the work of two giants in the world of manga and video games: manga writer Toriyama Akira, who created Dragon Ball, and software developer Sakaguchi Hironobu, who conceived the Final Fantasy game series.

The story opens in the distant past, with the forces of light and shadow fighting a fierce battle. At the end of the battle, seven soldiers of light succeed in quelling the power of shadow.

One day many years later, Nene, the king of Grand Kingdom, and Zola, a female warrior, discover that they each possess a shadow. Shadows mirror the actions of the people they are joined with and give them amazing strength. Nene decides to use his shadow to take over the world. Zola, determined to foil his plans, sets off to find the descendants of the seven warriors of light.

Meanwhile, in the village of Tata lives Shu, an adventurous but reckless boy who is the story's central character. When Tata is attacked by the army of Grand Kingdom, Shu fights back and a shadow appears behind him. Shu's shadow, named Blue Dragon, is merciless and possesses amazing destructive power.

As the village comes under a wave of attacks by Nene's powerful forces, Shu and Blue Dragon, along with some friends who also have shadows, are drawn into a long, fierce fight. Along the way, they learn about the spirit of friendship and discover their own inner strength.

The Blue Dragon video game was created for the Xbox console in December 2006. The success of the game spawned a Blue Dragon card game. Fans of the game can now enjoy the story as an anime too. With so many ways to explore the amazing world of Blue Dragon, what are you waiting for?

(Updated in June 2007)