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Sushi is one of the most popular rice dishes in Japan and is also widely enjoyed in countries around the world. In addition to the nigiri type with slices of raw or cooked fish sitting on top of an oblong sushi rice, there is also the norimaki (sushi roll), where pieces of fish and/or vegetable are rolled with rice in nori (dried seaweed), and chirashi-zushi with a variety of ingredients sitting on top of or mixed with a bed of Sushi rice.

Nigiri-zushi may look simple but are actually quite hard to make, since you can't start over once you start; they require fresh fish sliced to just the right thickness and size and rice that's packed neither too firmly or loosely. Most people have their sushi prepared for them by experienced chefs, either eating out at a sushi restaurant (you can find one in almost any neighborhood in Japan) or having sushi delivered to their homes. The skill of the chef can make a world of difference how good a piece of sushi tastes.

There are types of sushi that can be made at home, too, and it's not unusual to serve them when company's around, such as on festive occasions Chirashi-zushi is one example. They can be as easy to prepare as salads.

Here are recipes for some types of sushi that can be made in a snap. If you can't get a hold of some of the ingredients listed here, don't worry. You don't have to use all of them, and some can be substitute with others that are available where you live.

"Sushi is my favorite dish. Let's make it together!"