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Okonomiyaki and Yakisoba



Yakisoba is a dish of steamed noodles stir-fried on a griddle with your favorite ingredients, such as meat and vegetables. Yakisoba originally came from China, but Japanese people adapted it to their tastes by adding Worcestershire sauce (see below), thus turning it into a uniquely Japanese-style dish. It is not only children that love yakisoba but adults as well.


One special feature of both okonomiyaki and yakisoba is Japanese Worcestershire sauce, which is the main seasoning for the dishes. Unlike English Worcestershire sauce, the Japanese sauce is not so spicy, and so can be used more liberally. With the recipes presented here, if you cannot get hold of Japanese Worcestershire sauce, you can make your own by adding ketchup and soy sauce to English Worcestershire sauce and mixing well.


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