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NIPPONIA No.34 September 15, 2005

Special Feature*
Life and Culture in Japan —
A Month by Month Guide
A richly varied natural environment, subtle seasonal changes — each season in Japan is celebrated with special events, plus festivals and customs that have their roots in the distant past. Some cultural elements and traditions have also been introduced from other countries, and are now a part of life in Japan. To get a great view of the past and present in Japan, just turn the pages of this Japanese cultural calendar.
Written by Torikai Shin-ichi, Sanada Kuniko, Sakata Shuji, Ogata Ritsuo and Wada Yasunari

Nature shows her four faces.
Top right: Flowers in the mustard family bloom throughout Japan in early spring. This photo was taken on Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture.
Top left: Clouds highlight the blue sky of summer, by the sea in Nagasaki Prefecture.
Above left: Autumn leaves at Arashiyama, Kyoto.
Above right: When winter comes, Mount Fuji is clothed in snow. This scene was shot from the Yamanashi Prefecture side of the mountain. (Photo credits: Tankei and JTB Photo)


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