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NIPPONIA No.32 March 15, 2005

Special Feature*
Pottery and Porcelain:
Buy Some, Admire Some
If you are in Japan and want to learn more about ceramics and their history, or just appreciate their beauty, the best place to go is to a museum or art gallery. The page on the right lists museums housing national treasures and important objects that show part of Japan's cultural heritage, and galleries specializing in ceramic art. If you want to buy something from the kiln, try shopping at a ceramics fair in one of the many centers of production in Japan. Major fairs and festivals are listed on this page. The markets have a marvelous and abundant selection, with everything from kitchenware to works of art. Just about everything is cheaper there, and you may be able to meet and chat with potters and storekeepers while shopping.
Photos by Sugawara Chiyoshi, Other photo credits: Tokyo National Museum

Pottery and Porcelain Fairs in Japan (from North to South)
Earthenware name:Festival/fair name For more information
Aizu Hongo Seto Ceramics Fair Aizu Hongo-machi Tourist Association
Tel: +81-242-56-4882
Japanese-language website:
4 a.m. to noon, first Sunday in August
Aizu Hongo-machi, Fukushima Prefecture
Mashiko ware: Mashiko Pottery Fair Mashiko-machi Tourist Association
Tel: +81-285-70-1120
Japanese-language website:
Late April to around May 8; several days around November 3
Mashiko-machi, Tochigi Prefecture
Kasama ware: Hi-matsuri Festival Kasama Ware Co-op
Tel: +81-296-73-0058
Japanese-language website:
Late April to around May 5
Kasama, Ibaraki Prefecture
Mino ware:Tajimi Pottery Festival Tajimi Pottery and Porcelain Wholesalers' Co-op
Tel: +81-572-25-5588
Japanese-language website :
2nd Saturday and Sunday in April
Tajimi, Gifu Prefecture
Seto ware:Setomono Festival Setomono Festival Association
English-language website:
2nd Saturday and Sunday in September
Seto, Aichi Prefecture
Tokoname ware: Tokoname Ware Festival Tokoname Ware Festival Association
Tel: +81-569-34-3200
English-language website:
http://www.city.tokoname.aichi.jp/html/ intro_e/top.html
3rd or 4th Saturday and Sunday in August
Tokoname, Aichi Prefecture
Iga ware: Iga Ware Pottery Festival Iga Ware Traditional Industry Museum
Tel: +81-595-44-1701
Japanese-language website:
http://www.igayaki.or.jp/introduction/ display.html
4th Friday, Saturday and Sunday in July
Iga, Mie Prefecture
Kutani ware: Kutani Chawan Festival Kutani Chawan Festival Association
Tel: +81-761-57-3511
Japanese-language website:
http://www.ishikawashokokai.or.jp/terai/ p3/index.html
May 3 to 5
Terai-machi, Ishikawa Prefecture
Echizen ware: Echizen Pottery Festival Echizen Ware Promotion Room
Tel: +81-778-32-3200
3 days starting on the last Saturday in May
Echizen-cho, Fukui Prefecture
Shigaraki ware: Shigaraki Pottery Festival Shigaraki Town Society of Commerce and Industry
Tel: +81-748-82-0873
October 8 to 10 (please confirm)
Koka, Shiga Prefecture
Kyo ware: Gojo-zaka Pottery Festival Toki Festival Association
Japanese-language website:
August 7 to 10
Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture
Tanba ware: Tanba Ware Pottery Festival Tanba Tachikui To-jiki Co-op
Tel: +81-79-597-2034
English-language website:
3rd Saturday and Sunday in October
Sasayama, Hyogo Prefecture
Bizen ware: Bizen Ware Festival Office for the Promotion of Trade, Industry and Tourism, Bizen City Hall
Tel: +81-869-64-3301
3rd Saturday and Sunday in October
Bizen, Okayama Prefecture
Hagi ware: Hagi Ware Festival Hagi Tourism Association
Tel: +81-838-25-1750
Japanese-language website:
http://www.joho-yamaguchi.or.jp/hagi-cci/ hagiyakimatsuri.html
May 1 to 5
Hagi, Yamaguchi Prefecture
Tobe ware: Tobe Ware Festival Tobe-cho Office for the Promotion of Trade, Industry and Tourism
Tel: +81-899-62-2323
Japanese-language website:
3rd Saturday and Sunday in April
Tobe-cho, Ehime Prefecture
Onta ware: Onta Ware Minto Festival Hita Municipal Office for the Promotion of Trade, Industry and Tourism
Tel: +81-973-23-3111
2nd Saturday and Sunday in October
Hita, Oita Prefecture
Arita ware: Arita Ceramic Bazaar Arita Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Tel: +81-955-42-4111
Japanese-language website:
April 29 to May 5
Arita-machi, Saga Prefecture
Satsuma ware: Miyama Kiln Festival Office for the Promotion of Trade, Industry and Tourism, Higashi Ichiki-cho Town Hall
Tel: +81-99-274-2111
Early November
Higashi Ichiki-cho, Kagoshima Prefecture
Tsuboya ware: Tsuboya Pottery Festival Tsuboya Pottery Co-op
Tel: +81-98-866-3284
Japanese-language website:
November (please confirm)
Naha, Okinawa Prefecture


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