2017 No.20

ニッポンみやげSouvenirs of Japan


The Epitome of Manufacturing

Photos by Kusu Seiko

Made in Japan kutsushita (socks) boast high quality embodying the spirit of manufacturing and production technology. There are many different kinds that infuse Japan’s unique material technology, ranging from warm, wool-like socks made from a blend of ordinary and organic cotton to ones with excellent deodorizing ability.

In Japan, where the custom is to take one’s shoes off indoors, particular attention is given to ensuring both functionality and an inimitable fashion sense. This has led to a variety of styles, including socks designed with motifs that have been widely popular in Japan through the ages, comfy socks with glove-like pockets for each toe that also provide health benefits, and socks with a split between the big toe and other toes like traditional Japanese tabi socks. Both practical and trendy, Japanese socks of exceptional quality are sure to make the perfect gift.