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Let's Make Origami!

Variation 2

Level: Medium

You can play a trick with this figure!

  1. 9

    Flip the figure over.

    figure 9
  2. 10

    Fold the lower right corner of the square up to meet the top left corner. Take the lower left flap and fold it to the back so it points down.

    figure 10
  3. 11

    Spin the figure around 180 degrees and fold the bottom flap up so its corner meets the one on the right.

    figure 11
  4. 12

    Your boat is done!

    figure 12

(1) Here's a trick you can play with this figure. Have a friend hold the prow of the boat. Tell your friend to close her eyes, and when she's not looking, fold the two corners at the back of the boat down.
trick 1

(2) When your friend opens her eyes again, she'll be holding the sail instead of the prow!
trick 2