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Tokyo Bicycle Adventure

From the River Walkway to the Seitoku Memorial Museum


Go down the Omotesando hill to the Old Shibuya River Walkway and get a taste of trendy Urahara fashion.

Go back across the crosswalk at Harajuku Station and ride along Omotesando. Cross Meiji Street again and continue down the hill to the koban (police box). Here you will find the Old Shibuya River Walkway, which begins where Cat Street ends on the other side of Omotesando Street. This area is known for its trendy shops selling original, distinctive fashion designs known as Urahara (�backstreet Harajuku�) style.

Ginkgo Trees


�Outer Garden.� When you see this sign, you are within minutes of the finish.

Go all the way to the end the Old Shibuya River Walkway and take a right. Continue along to the end of that road, turn right, and you will come to a large intersection (Gaienmae). Go left at this intersection and go straight for a short distance. When you see a big sign that says, �Meiji Jingu Outer Garden,� you can breathe a sigh of relief as you are now near the end of your journey. Take a left at the sign and go straight along the ginkgo tree-lined street. You�re sure to feel exhilarated here as the trees zip by and you feel the rush of wind on your face.

Cycling Path


You�ll feel like you are in a scene from a movie as your ride down a 300 meter ginkgo tree-lined street.

When you get to the traffic lights at the end of the road, cross the street and you will have reached a circular road where on Sundays and national holidays you can cycle around the 1.2 kilometer loop. From here, you can go around to the left. If you still have some energy left, why not cycle around the whole loop?


Seitoku Memorial Museum

This is where our adventure ends, in front of the Seitoku Memorial Museum, which is located inside the loop. From here, you can explore the museum, hit some homeruns in the batting center nearby inside the Outer Garden, or have some fun in the neighboring Children�s Park


The goal, Seitoku Memorial Museum, an ornate Taisho era (1912-26) building.


Hit some homeruns in the batting cages at the batting center. There are lots of fun things to do around Outer Garden area.