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Tokyo Bicycle Adventure

From Children�s Hall to Meiji Jingu Shrine

Tokyo Metropolitan Children�s Hall


Tokyo Metropolitan Children�s Hall, which may look old on the outside but has lots of fun things to do inside.

Entering from Aoyama Street, go a short distance down the street that runs along Children�s Castle. When you see the entrance to Aoyama Hospital on your right, turn left. Then, turn right down the street just past a retirement home and you will soon reach the Tokyo Metropolitan Children�s Hall, where you will find lots of fun things to do. You can use your imagination in the crafts area and even try your luck riding a unicycle or walking on stilts in the rooftop area.

Cat Street


Cat Street, a relaxing area with a European-like old-town feel.

Mitake Park is next to Tokyo Metropolitan Children�s Hall. Go past the park and take a right onto the side-road that runs along the park. When you come to the end of that road, turn left and you will come to a ninety-degree right turn and a diagonal right turn. Take the diagonal right turn. Just before you get to a major road (Meiji Street), turn right. This narrow street is fondly known as �Cat Street.� As you go down this street, enjoy the area�s European old-town charm. There used to be a river where Cat Street now runs, so it is a narrow street with lots of twists and turns. Not many cars use the street, making it ideal for cyclists and pedestrians.

Kiddy Land Harajuku


Kiddy Land Harajuku, packed with fun items featuring your favorite anime characters.


Located on a narrow alleyway, I Love Boo Harajuku welcomes shoppers with its endearing displays.

Continue down Cat Street and once again you come out at Omotesando Street. This big boulevard is a Tokyo fashion center that boasts a number of designer shops. Lots of people walk along this street, so slow down and watch for pedestrians.

When you come out onto Omotesando Street from Cat Street, turn left and you will immediately see the red storefront of Kiddy Land Harajuku. You�ll find lots of fun items featuring your favorite characters here. The whole first floor of the shop is devoted to the popular anime character Naruto. Onden Street, also nearby, is home to the endearing I Love Boo Harajuku shop featuring children�s clothing with a dinosaur theme. While you are on Onden Street, take some time to explore some of the other unique shops in the area.

JR Harajuku Station


JR Harajuku Station. This old-style wooden station building is a brilliant contrast to the local designer boutiques.

After you have finished exploring Onden Street, go back to Omotesando Street. At the large intersection (Jingumae), cross to the other side of Omotesando Street. Also cross the large street (Meiji Street) at this intersection, and continue uphill along Omotesando Street. Turn right at the big intersection (Jingubashi) where you will see Snoopy Town Shop Harajuku, full of Snoopy-themed items that are sure to bring a smile to your face. The old-fashioned building you see across the street from Snoopy Town Shop is Harajuku Station. This is the oldest wooden train station building in Tokyo.


The torii gate at Meiji Jingu is the entrance to the Shinto shrine grounds.

Meiji Jingu Shrine

Cross the street at Harajuku Station, go left and you will reach the entrance to Meiji Jingu. This Shinto shrine, occupying a large, densely forested area, gets more visitors than any other shrine in Japan. There are lots of must-see things here, including the largest torii gate in Japan. Bicycles are not allowed on the grounds of Meiji Jingu, so park your bike at the bicycle parking area close to the torii gate and enjoy a walk inside the grounds of the shrine.