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Exploring Kyoto on Two Wheels

To Kyoto International Manga Museum and Back to the Kamogawa River


A small local post office and mailbox - how about sending some postcards to your friends?

Karasuma Street

Leaving the Imperial Palace by the West Gate, you come out onto Karasuma Street. Go south along this street. Karasuma Street runs north-south through the center of Kyoto, and a forerunner of this street is said to have existed here in the Heian Period (794-1192).

Kyoto International Manga Museum


The museum building. It looks like a school, because it used to be one.


Down by the riverside

Just past the fourth crossroads along Karasuma Street, there's a museum on the right. You can leave your cycle in the bicycle parking lot, and take a breather here. The museum is on the site of a disused elementary school, and it houses a collection of about 200,000 manga and comic books from all over the world. Anyone can go in and read the comics found on the shelves of the museum.

Kamogawa River

Leaving the museum, go back along Karasuma Street until you come to the crossroads with Maruta-machi Street. Here, turn right and go back to the Kamogawa River. Ride along the right-hand side of the street and turn right just before the river, taking you down to the riverside. You can cycle on the promenade along the river, enjoying the refreshing breeze as you ride. Just past Kojin Bridge, which can be seen upstream, is your destination. (Kojin is the Shinto god of fire. Nearby is the Gojoin Temple dedicated to the god of fire.) There are stones in the shape of turtles there. Get off your bike and cross to the other side of the river, using the "turtles" as stepping stones.


You're there! Everyone's crossing the river on the turtle-shaped stepping stones.

Look out for these sights!


Some charming riverside houses


Can you see any people fishing?