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Japanese Kids Learning
Road Safety the Fun Way

Part 2

Other Fun Experiences in Japan

Pipira Moto Field

Accidents involving motorcycles and mopeds are a major concern. To help improve the situation, the Suzuka Circuit offers the Pipira Moto Field course, which teaches kids about motorcycle riding and traffic rules. A whole range of options is available to suit different ages and experience levels, from three-wheel "pinky bike" motorbikes for those who still can’t ride a bicycle and special child-sized training bikes, all the way up to the real thing: touring motorcycles fitted out with rear lights and headlights.

One of Japan's major delivery companies also holds Kids' Traffic Safety Classes every year at over a thousand locations throughout Japan. Real delivery truck drivers are on hand in their uniforms—along with special fun mascots. Kids take quizzes about traffic rules and actual cars are used to explain to children in the passenger seat where the dangerous "blind spots" are. These are just a few of the creative ways used to teach children about traffic safety in an enjoyable—and memorable—way.

Teaching children about blind spots.Kids' Traffic Safety Classes

Teaching children about blind spots. (C) 2010 Yamato Transport Co., Ltd

Japan has some of the world’s leading automakers. These companies too are involved in providing traffic safety courses to people in Japan and around the world.

Using a car or motorcycle to get around is convenient and fun. Enjoyable and effective instruction in the rules of the road means that everyone can enjoy the convenience of life on the road without putting their safety at risk.

(Updated in January 2011)