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Japan's Amazing Aquariums


An Ocean World of Fun

On the Overnight Tour at the Enoshima Aquarium.

On the Overnight Tour at the Enoshima Aquarium. (C)Enoshima Aquarium

This world of excitement and discovery is made possible by the efforts of the people who work in aquariums. These people work day and night to create environments suited to the fish and animals living in them. They are constantly making small changes to the water temperature throughout the day and night, for example. And because there are four seasons in the ocean as well, the workers need to adjust the environment according to the time of year. Improvements like these in aquarium technology and techniques for taking care of fish and marine animals are what have made today's amazing ecosystem displays possible. At many Japanese aquariums, you can also go on a tour behind the scenes. One event that is particularly popular with kids is the Overnight Tour at the Enoshima Aquarium in Kanagawa Prefecture near Tokyo. Participants in the tour get to stay behind after the aquarium closes in the evening, touring the displays with a member of staff. Joining this overnight tour gives visitors a rare chance to observe the fish and their ecosystems by night—and into the following morning.

Visitors can also feed the sea turtles at lunchtime, providing up-close views of the animals enjoying a snack.

(Updated in October 2010)