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Japanese Video Games: They're a Fast-Evolving Art Form!


And no game is evolving faster than that great blockbuster classic, Dragon Quest


For many years now Japanese video games have enjoyed a worldwide reputation for innovation and excellence. And they just keep getting better and better, while finding ever-growing, ever-richer markets. With the rapid spread of home game consoles in Japan the gamers' age group has expanded to encompass everyone from children to elderly youngsters. Meanwhile game software has diversified to suit ever-wider user tastes and lifestyles: new software products outside the familiar categories of role-playing and action games—such as games in the cultural accomplishment and hobby categories- have recently been released to popular acclaim. But the lion's share of the market, of course, still belongs to the great classic games. And in the minds of millions of Japanese there's no greater classic than Dragon Quest.

Video gamers in Japan gather together to try out the exciting new multiplayer feature which became available in 2009 with the release of Dragon Quest IX. This highly sophisticated feature, which enables players to share their adventures with up to three other players, illustrates the dramatic evolution of Japanese video games.


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