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Plastic Models


Plastic Models

There are many kinds of plastic model kits, ranging from machines like cars, planes, boats and robots to dinosaurs, and anime characters. These toys involve assembling the tiny pieces, coloring them with paint, and applying stickers. They have long been popular toys among kids.

the Bandai Hobby Center

A cool place for kids who want to see how their beloved models are manufactured is the Bandai Hobby Center, a plastic model factory in Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Here various plastic models are manufactured, including replicas of robots from the anime series Gundam.

the Bandai Hobby CenterPlastic model parts

Plastic model parts



This impressive factory looks a bit like a space station. There's a visitors' walkway enclosed in glass walls, allowing you to see every detail of what goes on inside. Employees who design the shape and color of the models also work at the factory, and special machines crank out parts one after the other. The workers' uniforms are designed like those worn by anime characters, making visitors feel as though they’ve arrived in a futuristic universe. Unused plastic left over from the production process is reused to make Ecopla model kits, which you can purchase at the center. This facility is so popular that you can tour it only if your name is chosen from a lottery. "I'm glad I could see with my own eyes my favorite models are made. I’d love to work here," said one of the visiting children at the end of the tour, echoing the sentiments of many.