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Welcome to Kanagawa University High School!

Where we're located, our history, and the kind of facilities we have

The Kanagawa University High School lies in a quiet neighborhood near one of Japan's biggest ports. It's a relatively new school with a large yard and a full array of athletic facilities. Even though it's called a "high school," students attend from grades 7 to 12. 

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The school festival, field day, and other big days students look forward to

The theme of the 1999 Camphor Festival, named after the large tree growing on the school grounds, was "The Egg"--breaking out of your shell and evolving. The athletic meet, which was held on the school's spacious grounds, featured basketball, volleyball, and even kickball.

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Take this virtual tour to see what it's like to spend a day with us 

Most students commute by train, so the streets from the station to the school are a sea of navy and gray uniforms in the morning. Kids either bring their own lunches or eat in the cafeteria, and after school, many participate in club activities. 

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The things we do differently from other schools
Kanagawa High School's multimedia classroom uses dozens of computers to teach students to generate computer graphics, use word-processing software, and create their own Websites. The aim is to enable kids to use computer technology as a tool for self-expression.

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