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The Exhibits of Global Common Three (February 16, 2005)

The Experience Ride at the German Pavilion (German Pavilion)
From March 25 to September 25, 2005, Aichi Prefecture will be the site of the 2005 World Exposition, which will be held under the theme of "Nature's Wisdom." More than 120 countries and numerous international organizations have announced plans to take part in the first World Exposition of the twenty-first century and will be holding their exhibitions in Global Commons, common areas that group participants together by region and provide both individual and shared space. The six Global Commons are connected via the Global Loop, which will allow visitors to enjoy a virtual trip around the world. Global Common Three is home to countries located in Europe and the Mediterranean.

Big Plans for the Expo
Many of the countries of Global Common Three have released detailed plans regarding their exhibitions, through which they will further develop the theme of "Nature's Wisdom." As a symbol of their close relationship, France and Germany will hold their exhibits in a joint pavilion under one roof. The German exhibition will introduce visitors to the exciting world of biotechnology through an interactive ride "Experience Drop" that uses multimedia and animation to take them through water, air, fire, and the beautiful scenery of Germany. The French exhibition, meanwhile, focuses on sustainable development and also offers a cultural program. The theme for Croatia's pavilion is "A drop of water, a grain of salt." Visitors will pass through a number of scenes illustrating the different areas of the sea and the various stages in the production of salt, which is an important part of Croatian culture. At the completion of their journey, visitors will receive as a present a box containing salt crystals.

The Experience Cave at the German Pavilion (German Pavilion)

The pavilion of Spain features a large plaza that evokes images of that country. After entering through an outdoor Plaza, visitors will pass through a number of "theme rooms" on such topics as "Innovation," "Harvest of Paradise," "Don Quixote," "Contemporary Heroes," and "Fiesta." After viewing the exhibits, visitors can relax by stopping at the Tapas Bar, where they can enjoy authentic Spanish cuisine and wine. The pavilion of Bulgaria takes as its theme, "Nature's Wisdom and Gifts of Nature - Essential for Human Health, Lifestyle, and Tolerant Coexistence." This exhibit will showcase typically Bulgarian natural and organic products, such as rose oil, yogurt, wine, mineral water, honey, and herbs. The theme of the Italian Pavilion is "The Art of Living." Visitors will see the beauty, art, culture, and quality of the Italian lifestyle, and that country's leading-edge technology, such as that relating to robots and sports cars, will be on display.

Characteristics of Global Common Three
Global Common Three is surrounded by the Global Loop, which will make it easily accessible for visitors and a place where people will gather. Other countries setting up pavilions in Global Common Three are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, Libya, Turkey, Tunisia, Jordan, Morocco, and Greece. In Global Common Three, visitors will be able to enjoy an enlightening and entertaining virtual trip around the Mediterranean in comfort.

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