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Dresses Grow More Varied and Shorter (March 30, 2007)

Examples of spring dresses (Color & Design Research Room of Kyoritsu Women's Junior College)
Dresses have appeared on the scene this spring with a new burst of energy after a year of continued popularity. Feminine white and pink dresses remain the garment of choice among women in the "elegant, conservative" crowd, while casual striped dresses are winning favor among somewhat tomboyish teenage girls and young women, and functional jersey wrap dresses are being adopted as office wear by working women. Dresses have become a hot item among women from all walks of life, and the range of occasions on which they are worn is growing.

A Wealth of Designs
Women's magazines introducing spring trends are playing up dresses on the covers of their most recent issues, and stores have been giving the dress a special place in their displays. One of the reasons for dresses' popularity is the growing variety of designs available. This year's lineup includes a large number of wrap dresses, body-conscious tight dresses, metallic A-line dresses, and other items with a clean, simple line, along with short dresses reminiscent of the futuristic outfits popular in the 1960s and sporty dresses, making for a diversity not evident last year, when dresses with frills, lace, ribbons, and other soft embellishments were the mainstay. This year there is something for every taste and occasion.

Another new development is length. Hemlines have been raised, and most dresses, despite their different styles, are short. Hemlines 20 centimeters above the knee are standard, and many rise as high as the top of the leg. Short dresses are not just for the very young but women of various age groups. Young adults daringly reveal their youthful legs, while women in their twenties and thirties wear dresses over leggings or skinny jeans.

A wide array of designs can be seen (Color & Design Research Room of Kyoritsu Women's Junior College)

Hassle-Free Dressing
Dresses are enjoying growing favor for a number of other reasons. Though just a single article of clothing, they let women look chic and feminine and spare them the need to coordinate separates. They also afford freedom of movement and feel good to wear. Some women say dresses provide cover for their waists and hips and make it easy to create a new silhouette.

Dresses used to be considered feminine, formal clothing suited to weddings, parties, and other special occasions. Today, there has been an about-face in attitudes, and they are considered a versatile item that goes with just about anything.

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