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Baggy Jeans Replace Skinnies as Favored Style (March 30, 2007)

Baggy jeans are back in style. (Color & Design Research Room of Kyoritsu Women's Junior College)
Baggy jeans have moved into the spotlight in the 2007 spring and summer lineups, replacing their snug-fitting skinny counterparts that were all the rage last winter. The pants are a Kansai-based trend, which gathered momentum in the western and central cities of Kobe, Osaka, and Nagoya in 2005 and then spread to Tokyo. Unlike skinnies, baggy jeans can be worn by people of all builds, and they will likely become a hot item among a range of age groups.

Choosing a Style
Baggy pants are any trouser with an ultra loose contour, a high waist, and lots of room around the legs. The pants got their name because of their round shape, which resembles that of a bag. Loose-fitting fashions, with baggy pants and a top, caught on in the 1970s. The look was revived in the 1990s and enjoyed particular popularity among young people.

This spring denim companies have all come out with their own baggy pant styles, and displays featuring full silhouette denims are prominent in the stores. Baggy pants can differ from each other considerably depending on the flair of the hemline and fit around the thighs. Newcomers may want to start off with something that is not too billowy. An attractive pair of faded jeans, rather than one with a pre-torn, damaged look, is a good bet.

Baggy jeans are also popular with men. (Color & Design Research Room of Kyoritsu Women's Junior College)

Suitable Tops
Choosing the right top is essential for making the billowing contour of baggy jeans look good. Short jackets and blousons, snug, short outerwear, tight-fitting tank tops and knits, and other pieces with a minimal amount of volume are a great complement.

Suspenders, chain belts, and other accessories can add a nice touch, and elegant footwear, perhaps with a heel, can give outfits a classy, mature appearance.

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