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Various Designs, Various Ways to Dress (March 7, 2007)

White skirts suggestive of spring are popular. (Color & Design Research Room of Kyoritsu Women's Junior College)
Delicate, feminine skirts suggestive of spring are already appearing ahead of the full arrival of the season, perhaps due to the unusually mild winter Japan has experienced. The skirts that were in fashion the previous spring were natural and simple garments in white or undyed cotton and other casual skirts, such as tight denim skirts. But in spring 2007 the storefronts of boutiques and department stores are abloom with skirts in diverse colors, patterns, designs, and details, tempting women to buy.

Skirts with volume are also in style (Color & Design Research Room of Kyoritsu Women's Junior College)
Designs Aplenty
Other than their above-knee length, this season's popular skirts are highly varied. Overall, the focus is on shaped, voluminous skirts with generous flares or with puffed hips or hems. Examples include gathered skirts made of sheer fabric, such as chiffon or crepe, in pinkish beige and other pale colors; balloon skirts with rounded hems; pleated skirts that give an air of refined grace; and tiered skirts, the most feminine style of all.

Also prominent are asymmetric skirts that differ in length at the front and back or on the left and right. These skirts sway rhythmically with one's gait, making them all the more exciting to wear.

Contrasting Styles
Two contrasting styles are recommended in spring 2007 for dressing in skirts. The first is a sweet-and-cute style, such as coordinating a flared skirt with a frilled blouse and tweed jacket and wearing wedge-sole or ankle-strap shoes. This kind of style is largely popular with women in their twenties, including college students and young working women.

The second style is to wear skirts casually over leggings or skinny jeans. Women who do not feel comfortable with a full-on feminine look or who do not favor miniskirts should find the style more agreeable, so skirts look likely to be incorporated into the wardrobes of more women than usual this year.

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