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Knit Dresses and Other Woolen Garments Selling Well (December 18, 2006)

Knit dresses go well with gorgeous accessories. (Blue East)
Now that the cold weather has really set in, knitted clothes, warming to look at as well as to wear, can be seen on the streets of Tokyo in large number and great variety. Knitted garments particularly popular this year include not only cardigans, ensembles, and dresses but also an array of accessories: bags, caps, mufflers, legwarmers, and necklaces with knitted bobbles.

Design Diversity
Knit dresses are a particularly popular item these days. Many of the knit dresses in the stores right now are attractively priced at around ¥10,000 to ¥20,000 (about $86 to $172 at ¥116 to the dollar), not much more expensive than a sweater or cardigan. When one also considers the fact that knit dresses combine the slightly formal air of a dress with the easy-to-wear quality of stretchy knits, it is no surprise that their popularity is spreading, mainly among women in their twenties.

A distinguishing characteristic of the current knit-dress craze is the wide variety of designs available. The options abound: feminine, form-hugging dresses that hark back to the tight "body-conscious" style of the 1980s; cute, girly dresses with puffy sleeves and tiered skirts; trendy dresses incorporating the balloon skirt style of the moment; dresses adorned with brass buttons or other metal fittings down the front or at the pockets for a traditional look.

The most popular color choices are basic grays, blacks, and whites, but bolder colors like red, purple, green, and mustard-yellow are also finding favor. Textural variety abounds as well, with choices ranging from smooth, fine-gauge knits to chunky cable patterns.

A knit mini-dress looks cute with jeans. (Blue East)

"Layered" Is the Word
The "gals" of ultra-trendy Shibuya, who have confidence in their lithe figures, boldly pair body-hugging mini-dresses with long boots. A key element in the popularity of knit dresses is that they lend themselves to layering, which gives wearers the freedom to put together their own unique look.

Knit dresses are being layered with other garments in original, eye-catching ways. On top, a sleeveless knit dress over a blouse or a turtleneck of knitted fabric is a popular combination. On the bottom, fashion-forward women are pairing knit dresses with the currently popular skinny denim jeans or with leggings - an ideal way to achieve this year's look.

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