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Kids' Fashion Brands Capture Girls' Hearts (September 1, 2005)

Narumiya's Hong-Kong-based Raibow City. (Narumiya International)
A family of brands known for their cute, trendy children's clothes has captured the hearts of many Japanese girls. The brands are the products of Narumiya International and are not limited to clothes. Narumiya has also been energetically developing stationery, accessories, and cosmetics designed for youngsters. This wide range of products has attracted the attention of legions of girls, who can be seen in department stores looking for things to spend their allowance money on.

Brands to Suit Every Taste
Angel Blue is the flagship brand in the Narumiya family. Angel Blue's popularity stems from the distinctive designs of its clothes and its use of refreshing and vibrant colors, such as rich turquoise. The brand features casual apparel that make girls look cute, full of life, and sporty. Since the spring, the brand has broadened its appeal by introducing the Angel Blue Super Label, a more adult-oriented product line featuring more mellow colors.

Girls searching for the latest fashions at a Narumiya store. (Narumiya International)

The Mezzo Piano brand, meanwhile, has a distinctly European flavor, with a focus on pink and lush romantic overtones. Daisy Lovers, by contrast, features a colorful beach look. Then there is Pom Ponette, whose accent is on a classy French look with a lot of pastels and monotones.

Narumiya has also acquired licensing rights to branch out into such products as personal computers and desks. Its cosmetics brand, called Cosmetic Parlor, is sold through the firm's own chain of urban retail stores, while girls living outside the big cities can buy the products by mail order.

The brands' clothes do not come cheap - around ¥6,500 (about $62 at ¥105 to the dollar) for a t-shirt, and ¥10,000 (about $95) for a dress. Although the prices may seem steep given that the clothes are for kids, many parents and grandparents are impressed by their high quality and well thought-out colors and designs, which make kids want to wear them. It is not unusual for shoppers to spend ¥100,000 during a single spree on the brands' products.

Teenage girls sporting bright and colorful Narumiya designs. (Narumiya International)

Asian Ambitions
The Narumiya brands also have a growing number of fans in other parts of Asia. The company opened its first store in South Korea in 2003 and now has three in the country, in Seoul, Busan, and Chamsil. Its first store in Hong Kong opened in November 2004, and a second one is scheduled to launch in September of this year.

Unlike in Japan, many of Narumiya's customers in other Asian countries are not children but women in their early or even late 20s. Sales in these countries are robust despite the prices of the clothes being around 10% to 20% higher than in Japan.

Narumiya's plans for 2006 include taking the Mezzo Piano and Pom Ponette brands to Britain. From its base there, Narumiya hopes to attract customers from northern Europe and the Middle East. It may not be long before Narumiya and its various brands are well known not only in Japan but around the world.

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