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Street Fashions Hot This Year (April 13, 2004)

casual fashion
(Kouji Masumoto)
As spring has finally arrived in Tokyo, people are putting away their winter coats and showing off the new spring styles. In such trendy areas as Harajuku and Daikanyama, women are sporting colorful street fashion. Well-worn, loose-fitting clothes worn in layers appear set to become popular this year. Particularly noticeable are jeans and chino pants that are loose around the waist and come in such sharp colors as sky blue. Even though the designs this year are loose-fitting, they tend to slim down toward the hem, and the fashion magazines are referring to this new look as yurusurimu (loose slim). The wearer's figure can be seen clearly.

Loose-Fitting Miniskirts Popular
Besides pants, other popular bottoms include loose-fitting miniskirts with pleats and frills. The easy-going feeling of these light skirts can be further enhanced by wearing a large stole on top and can be accented with the addition of an asymmetrical sweater. Many women are enjoying the various possibilities offered by the different combinations. The hot colors this season include pink, green, and orange - in shades ranging from vivid to pastel. As for patterns, the variety is wide and includes such favorites as paisley, flowers, retro prints, and geometric prints. The key, though, is the bright colors. The skirts flair as the wearer walks and take on a different look when in motion, giving a very girl-like appearance. In combination with these various bottoms, the loose-slim look can be completed with a variety of accessories so long as they do not destroy the loose-fitting look; options include simple flats and pumps. As for tops, loose-fitting sweaters, jackets, and cardigans are in. Also popular are trench coats in bright colors like yellow, green, and red. Differing slightly from the rest of the loose-slim style, this season's hot look is completed with a colorful coat that fits the wearer snugly.

Street Casual Popular for Men, Too
On the streets of Tokyo in recent years, an increasing number of young men are keeping up with the fashion trends as well. Up until last year, jackets and outer tops were mainly such subdued colors as black, navy blue, and beige. This year, however, shirts with colorful polka dots or vivid checks, along with striped pants, look like the new hot items. Spring fashion this year is a colorful spectacle for everyone.

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