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Kigurumi. On the left is Haruka, on the right Rena. (Victor Entertainment, Inc.)
An elementary school girl duo who sing a hit TV commercial tune
Kigurumi is the name of a duo of elementary school girls who sing "Tarako, Tarako, Tarako" (tarako means cod roe), a catchy tune from a TV commercial that has become a smash hit. The commercial is for a cod roe-flavored pasta sauce produced and marketed by a Japanese condiment maker Q.P. Corporation.

The Kigurumi duo comprises Haruka, born in 1996, and Rena, born in 1994. The two girls wear red head gear that looks like tarako, or salted cod roe, while they sing and dance. The phrase "tarako, tarako, tarako" is repeated throughout the song, and once heard, the tune is hard to forget.

In September a CD of the song was released and immediately shot up to number two on the weekly Oricon singles chart. Kigurumi became the first elementary school group to make it into the top ten. Their first live performance was even covered by the BBC.

The tarako Kewpie dolls featured in the commercial are also proving popular, with people drawn to the somewhat weird configuration of the face of Q.P. Corp.'s trademark kewpie doll emerging from a red cod roe. (October 26, 2006)