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Ebi-chan OL
(Shogakukan Inc.)
Women who imitate the look of model Ebihara Yuri.
"Ebi-chan" is the nickname of Ebihara Yuri, a model for CanCam, currently Japan's top-selling women's fashion magazine, who has also appeared in TV commercials and dramas. Using pink and white as her base colors, Ebihara coordinates her outfits to create a cute look intended to make men want to take care of her. Her style, which appeals strongly to men, has become extremely popular among young women. The OLs ("office ladies," meaning female office workers) who mimic this look are known as Ebi-chan OLs.

The clothes worn by Ebihara on the pages of CanCam often sell out soon after the magazine is released. Fans of Ebi-chan say that as a model, her style is easier to emulate than those of television personalities. One of the features of her fans is that they like not only her fashion sense but also the way she smiles - everything about her in fact. (May 1, 2006)