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Relaxed Pants and Safari Style

Versatile Unisex Clothes Attract Fashion Fans


A combination of harem pants and a jacket. (C)B7 NO ROSE WITHOUT A THORN

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An example of coordination with loose pants. (C)A.SMITH CO., LTD. KELLY

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Loose-fitting pants with a full silhouette are now in fashion. These pants are popular because they can be combined with a range of tops and other items to create a myriad of styles. Safari-style garments are also proving popular, with this year's items managing to be both elegant and casual. What these two trends have in common is their unisex nature and versatility.

Roomy PantsLoose-fitting trousers are popular among women in their twenties and come in a variety of forms, from wide pants to "boyfriend denims" (jeans so roomy they could be those of one's boyfriend), harem pants, and riding pants. Coveralls are also part of this trend.

The versatility of relaxed pants is the secret to their popularity. Loose-fitting trousers combined with a border T-shirt look nautical, while a pair of roomy pants with a tunic yields an exotic look. A feminine touch can be added with a frilly top, while a more formal air can be created by using a tailored jacket. Naturally, women also like the freedom of movement afforded by these items. Loose-fitting pants are commonly worn with gladiator or Ben Hur sandals, ballet shoes, and other low-heeled footwear.

Urban Safari Another popular style this season is the safari look. Safari garments were originally worn when going on adventures and hunting expeditions in the wilderness. Though the location may be very different, the outfits seen around town today come in the same earth tones, such as beige and khaki, and sport patch pockets and other functional features.


A stylish way to wear a safari jacket. (C)JanJam Collection

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The safari look has its fashion roots in an outfit released by Yves Saint Laurent in 1968. In Japan, the style first caught on in the 1970s. Men, in particular, took to the safari look, wearing safari jackets and bellbottom pants and other outfits.

The trend this season is refined in appearance and especially popular among women. Safari jackets worn over shorts, jeans, or Sabrina pants and safari pants combined with animal-print tops are popular. Some women add safari-type bags for a special touch. Sophisticated safari is now the look of choice.

Unisex Styles Relaxed pants and the safari look may be two distinct trends, but both date back to the 1970s, when jeans and other unisex garments took hold. Today the popularity of loose-fitting trousers and safari garments among women reflects a revival in demand for unisex items that are neither masculine nor feminine. (July 2009)

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