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Japan International Contents Festival Set to Open
(August 31, 2007)

The Japan International Contents Festival (CoFesta) was conceived to introduce Japanese content to the world. It features a wide range of genres all in one festival, including video games, anime, and manga. CoFesta, organized by industry-related groups led by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, will be held in Tokyo and elsewhere from September 19 to October 28. The festival consolidates a number of annual fall events into one festival to promote growth in Japan's content industries through public and private sector cooperation.

What is CoFesta?
CoFesta consolidates into one festival a number of separate game, anime, manga, broadcasting, music, and movie-related events, making it one of the largest integrated content festivals in the world. Shigenobu Yutaka, director of numerous international television programs, is serving as the executive producer of the festival. Popular designer Sato Kashiwa is serving as CoFesta art director.


Before this year's introduction of CoFesta, the various content industries in Japan all held separate international events. This year, a cross-section of Japanese content industries have linked up to publicize Japan's content-related products by conveying their appeal and talent to the world. CoFesta will call worldwide attention to content created in Japan.

CoFesta aims to showcase the wealth of content created in Japan to a worldwide audience. The festival facilitates international business networking and collaboration as an Asia-centered forum for exchanges of global content and people in the industry. CoFesta's watchword is "linkage," with the goal being to foster ties between various fields to yield new concepts and markets.


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A Lineup of High Profile Events
CoFesta encompasses 18 different events featuring a wide array of pop culture. Following the opening ceremony on September 19, CoFesta will begin with the Tokyo Game Show 2007 (September 20 to 23). Other events will include the 4th Tokyo Asia Music Market (October 15 to 19), the Tokyo Contents Market 2007 (October 25 and 26), and the Akihabara Entamatsuri 2007 (October 20 to 28). CoFesta culminates with the 20th Tokyo International Film Festival (October 20 to 28). The Tokyo Game Show and the Tokyo International Film Festival, both held annually, are expected to draw especially large numbers of overseas visitors.

The Japan Animation Contents Meeting 2007 (October 4 to 7), is a new event that will be held in Akihabara. It aims to inspire new projects and business models using anime characters and stories.

CoFesta's full schedule of events, together with the industry partnerships and synergy they generate, will serve to further raise the profile of Japanese-developed content around the world.

Official Events

  • CEDEC 2007 (CESA Developers Conference 2007)
  • DiGRA 2007 (Digital Games Research Association JAPAN)
  • Dramatic 3 Hours of Talks & Performances
  • Japan Animation Contents Meeting 2007
  • ASIAGRAPH 2007
  • International TV Drama Festival
  • 2007 4th TAM - Tokyo Asia Music Market
  • 20th Tokyo International Film Festival
  • Bunka-Cho Film Week 2007 - Here & There
  • ATP Awards TV Grand Prix 2007
  • JAPAN PRIZE 2007 International Educational Program Contest
  • Tokyo Contents Market 2007
  • International Film Makers' Seminar
  • Japan Location Market 2007

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