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Personl Computer sing your songs


VOCALOID is Singing Voice Synthesis Technology & Software. Enables Everyone to Create Vocals.It developed by Yamaha Corporation, as well as the name of the software that implements this technology.
Users can synthesize the singing voices of popular characters in the VOCALOID world, such as " Hatsune Miku " and "Megpoid" , " Gackpoid " by just inputting melodies and lyrics into VOCALOID software.
VOCALOID generates realistic human vocals through its" singer libraries" and" synthesis engine." The "synthesis engine" synthesizes voice information from a "singer library" and from note information input (score editor), then allows users to add information regarding dynamics, vibrato,breaths, and other expressive elements. "Singer libraries" provide the sources for singing voices.
They are databases of recorded voices from singers and voice actors/actresses.Characters such as " Hatsune Miku " and "Megpoid" , "Gackpoid " are" singer libraries."

This VOCALOID technology enables its users to create their music's vocal parts by simply inputting data into a computer, rather than by recording live vocals. This enables a creator to make a whole package of his/her music all by themselves using his/her personal computer and without having to hire a real vocalist.
VOCALOID has established an outstanding and cutting-edge music culture in Japan and throughout the world. A huge number of songs using VOCALOID have become extremely popular on the Internet. It also helped to fertilize UGC (User-generated Content) culture. CDs with VOCALOID songs have topped best-seller charts, and such songs have also become popular ones for people to sing at karaoke.
In 2011, " VOCALOID 3 " was released. This is the latest version of the VOCALOID software and was enthusiastically welcomed by users and fans. The world of VOCALOID continues to expand.
And there are libraries and characters of more than 10 in japan now.


VOCALOID3 Megpoid is one of VOCALOID library.
It based on voice of Megumi Nakajima who is a Japanese singer and voice actress.
Only by entering a melody and lyrics, you can create vocal data having Megumi Nakajima's voice quality.

It has 5 type of voice libraries " Megpoid Native "and " Megpoid Adult" , " Megpoid Power ", "Megpoid Sweet " , " Megpoid Whisper ".
We use these libraries and can create many genre of music.
Furthermore " Megpoid English " will go on sale on 28 Febrary around the world.

Megpoid Native is natural voice and Megpoid Adult is mature and deep voice, Megpoid Power is powerfull voice, Megpoid Sweet is childish and sweet voice, Megpoid Whisper is whisper tenderly voice, Megpoid English sings english songs.

A lot of Music CDs and character goods come out

"GUMI" is the character of VOCALOID Megpoid. She is the virtual vocalist illustrated by cartoonist "YUKI MASAMI" famed for the productions "Mobile Police Patlabor (機動警察パトレイバー)", "Birdy the Mighty (鉄腕バーディー)", and so on.
"GUMI" is printed on the package of this software and published on the web.

The voice of VOCALOID Megpoid and the character "GUMI" are very popular with men and women in their teens to thirties. Many music CDs related with the voice of VOCALOID Megpoid or the character "GUMI" are released in Japan. Also some of them are ranked on the chart.

The software VOCALOID Megpoid and the character "GUMI" spill over into many genre-straddling fields, for example Games, Comics, Figures and all kinds of character goods.