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Island Hopping by Bike

From Innoshima to Onomichi

After visiting the Hirayama Ikuo Museum of Art, dedicated to a famous artist from the island, we crossed the Ikuchi Bridge to the island of Innoshima. Descending a slope covered with mandarin-orange fields, we rode onto the ordinary public roads. People on all of the islands in the area take advantage of the warm climate to grow mandarin oranges and other citrus fruits. We visited an orange grove open to tourists and enjoyed picking some of the fruit. The mandarin oranges were tasty, as they had a rich flavor that was both sweet and tart. In the springtime, there are places where visitors can pick strawberries.


Paintings of the Shimanami Kaido are displayed here. (Hirayama Ikuyo Museum of Art)


The elegantly designed Ikuchi Bridge (Onomichi Tourist Association)


Mandarin oranges grow here from autumn to winter (Onomichi City)


Innoshima Bridge, near our final goal (Onomichi Tourist Association)


Boats play a major role in people's lives here. (Onomichi Tourist Association)

After crossing Innoshima Bridge - a two-story bridge with cars driving on the top - we arrived at the island of Mukaishima. This is the last island on this journey. To get to Onomichi City from here, we had to take a boat rather than a bridge. While there is a bridge, it does not have bicycle lanes, so riding across would be dangerous. Boats are a part of everyday life around here, though, so there are always plenty making the trip across the water.

Onomichi is an old-fashioned, relaxing city, and it has been used as the setting for a number of movies.


Our final destination: JR Onomichi Station (Onomichi Tourist Association)

After enjoying the atmosphere of the town, we returned our rented bicycles at Teatro Shell-rune (Human Port Onomichi) in front of Onomichi Station, thus ending our bicycle journey across the Seto Inland Sea. Although we were tired, we were able to take home plenty of great memories from our two-day trip. This was a cycling journey to remember. Why don't you try riding like the wind over the sea, too?

Is it possible to quit in the middle of the trip?

This is a long, hard ride with lots of hills, so there may be times when you want to quit. If you really decide to quit, you can take a bus to your final destination from any of the islands, and there are 12 renta-cycle terminals (9 on the various islands) where you can return your bike.