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Tropical Cycling Tour

From Kencho-mae Station to Nami no Ue Beach

Kencho-mae Monorail Station


The monorail at Kencho-mae Station

Continue down Kokusai Street and you will come to a large intersection. If you take a right at that intersection, you will see a monorail station overhead. Go under the monorail and continue along until you reach the Kumoji Intersection, where you meet Route 58.

Matsuyama Street and Matsuyama Park


A tunnel of greenery, Matsuyama Street is lined with royal poinciana trees.


Beards growing from a banyan tree

Go across the Kumoji Intersection and continue along Matsuyama Street. Have a pleasant ride as you pass down this road lined with royal poinciana trees that bloom with brilliant red flowers in the summertime. You'll see Matsuyama Park on your right as you come to the top of a gently sloping hill on Matsuyama Street. At the entrance to the park you will see a giant banyan tree where the Kijimuna tree fairy is said to live.

Nami no Ue Beach

Continue down Matsuyama Street. Turn left on Wakasa Street and then turn right into the first alleyway that you come to. On the right you will see a shop that makes straw tatami mats and on the left you will see the Tsushima-maru Memorial Museum. Continue along further and you will see a craggy bare rock. The end of this street is the end of our journey. From here you can go over to the beautiful white sand of Nami no Ue Beach, take off your shoes, and take a paddle in the sea.


A giant tree grows outside the tatami shop


Making a tatami mat


The brilliant white sand of Nami no Ue Beach


We're there !

(Optional Sightseeing) Fukushuen Garden


In the pond at Fukushuen Garden, turtles swim about and fish, mouths agape eagerly awaiting food, swim up to greet visitors.


Fukushuen Garden is like a maze. Can you find your way out?

Fukushuen Garden is across from Matsuyama Park. Fukushuen commemorates the sister city relationship that Naha has with Fuzhou City in China with a replica of a famous garden in Fuzhou. You can get off your bike here and take a stroll around the delightful miniature garden. In Fukushuen you will find Chinese style buildings, pagodas, man-made waterfalls, and fish and turtles swimming in the pond. Go up the observation tower and you can look out over the entire garden. The park opens at 9 am and closes at 6 pm (it's closed on Wednesdays). Entrance is free.