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Tropical Cycling Tour

From Sogenji Ishimon to Ichiba-hondori Street


Sogenji Ishimon: Off we go!

From Sogenji Ishimon (stone gate), cross the Sogenji Bridge, then turn right and follow the Kumoji River. Turn left at the first traffic light, cross the Nakayoshi Bridge, and continue down the road. There will be a monorail above you when you cross the bridge. Then, turn right at the second alleyway and go straight until you come out at a big street named Okiei Street. Turn left onto Okiei Street and you will soon come to the Mutsumibashi intersection.

Mutsumibashi Intersection


The Mutsumibashi intersection

On the side where Kokusai Street meets the Mutsumibashi intersection you will see two shopping arcades, Mutsumibashi Street and Ichiba-hondori Street. Go down Ichiba-hondori, which is next to the large fashion store building.

Ichiba-hondori Street


Stroll down Ichiba-hondori and take a peek in some of the souvenir shops


First Makishi Public Market

You will see souvenir shops on both sides of Ichiba-hondori selling Okinawan products like awamori (a distilled alcoholic drink made with Indica rice) and sanshin (a traditional Okinawan three-stringed instrument). This arcade area is meant for pedestrians, so walk your bicycle and take time to enjoy the splendid assortment of local products. Continue straight down Ichiba-hondori and you will see the First Makishi Public Market. Turn left at the market and you will come to Heiwa Street. Turn right at Heiwa Street, then go straight for a short distance and you will come to a fork in the road. Go down the road to the left that follows the shopping arcade and you will come to Tsuboya Yachimun Street at the end of the arcade.

(Optional Sightseeing) First Makishi Public Market


Fish on sale in the market

The First Makishi Public Market is the largest market in Japan. This is a fascinating place to park your bicycle and spend some time browsing the market�s vast array of Okinawan delicacies. The market building is surrounded by shops selling things like dried foods and fruits and vegetables. Inside the market you will find a vivid display of blue, red, and yellow fish, as well as pork from all parts of the pig, including the trotters and face. There are a number of different entrances to the market building, so make sure you remember where you entered the building and try not to get lost.