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Yurika Nozawa


Yurika Nozawa; with her parents, grandparents, sister, and pet cats.


Playing the electric organ.

I like learning things after school. I study the art of flower arrangement and the electronic organ. I'm also learning break-dancing, because I like moving my body. My kendo practice comes after that.

At school my favorite class is P.E. I would like to become a kendo instructor in the future. I hate science, because the experiments never go well for me. My teacher's pet phrase seems to be "Another failure, eh?" I don't like history, either, because I can't remember people's names.


Yurika chats with her sister.

I like watching cartoons on television. Doraemon is my favorite. When I have time, I exchange e-mail with my friends. I also send pictures and music to them. It's fun.